Snapchat Launches Filters for Cats

Snapchat Launches Filters for Cats
Users can now decorate their cats with virtual headgear and spectacles.

(CCM) — Snapchat is hoping to revive interest in its flagging service by introducing "Cat Lenses": augmented-reality filters which work on cats, the BBC is reporting.

Thanks to the new filters, Snapchat users can point their cameras at their cats to give them hats and glasses, or even to frame their faces with slices of toast. Previously Snapchat's facial recognition technology only worked with humans and certain breeds of dogs.

Snapchat needs to provide users with more ways to use its social network because the number of people using it on a daily basis has begun to fall. Last month Snapchat's parent company Snap announced a three million drop in the number of its daily active users from 121 million to 118 million between April and June 2018. This is the first time that it has seen user numbers drop, according to the report.

The new Cat Lenses extends Snapchat's recognition capabilities, which were enhanced last year with the ability to recognize certain objects like food, and suggest filters with slogans such as "get in my belly" to go with them.

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