Palm Unveils iPhone Companion

Palm Unveils iPhone Companion
The tiny phone is designed to be used on occasions when an iPhone or Android smartphone is not appropriate.

(CCM) — A new company backed by NBA star Stephen Curry is reviving the famous Palm brand name with a small and simple phone which is designed to be used as well as, rather instead of, a full-blown smartphone.

The first Palm device will feature a tiny (by today's standards) 3.3-inch screen, and rather than running the original Palm company's PalmOS (or webOS, its successor) it will run a version of Android, according to a Cult of Mac report.

The idea of the device is that it can be tucked into a pocket (or even strapped to the wrist using wrist bands that the company is designing). It is envisaged that it would be carried on occasions when the owner wants to have most of the features of a phone available to them, but is unlikely to actually need them – perhaps during a yoga class, or when out walking dogs.

The Palm is not inexpensive, however. The device will be priced at $350 when it goes on sale in November exclusively through Verizon. Users will then be expected to pay an additional $10 per month to provide the Palm with the same phone number as their existing iPhone or Android smartphone.

Image: © Palm.