Spotify Lets Users DJ from Smartwatch

 Spotify Lets Users DJ from Smartwatch
Spotify's revamped Wear OS app lets smartwatch wearers pick music without a phone.

(CCM) — Spotify has unveiled a completely revamped Wear OS smartphone app which includes its Spotify Connect technology, allowing users to stream music to connected speakers directly from their wrists.

The app uses a Bluetooth, WiFi, or LTE connection on the smartphone to stream music for playback on a laptop, Sonos speakers, a smartphone, or any other playback device which works with Spotify Connect.

The new user interface is very simple, allowing smartwatch owners to pause or skip tracks, and access playlists and recently played songs. Users can also add tracks to playlists by tapping a heart icon on the display. During podcasts (but not music tracks), users can rewind 15 seconds to hear something again that they might have missed. However, users will not be able to save tracks for offline listening, as is the case with Samsung's Gear Spotify app.

Spotify also announced that from November, Spotify will be preinstalled on all Fossil Gen 4 smartwatches and Michael Kors Access Runway Smartwatches.

The new app will begin rolling out to users this week over the coming weeks, with more updates to the app in the pipeline.

Image: © Spotify.