Microsoft Swaps Snacks for Xbox Consoles

Microsoft Swaps Snacks for Xbox Consoles
Microsoft is giving away a total of 5,000 Taco Bell branded high-end game consoles during October and November.

(CCM) — Microsoft plans to give away 5,000 Xbox One X game consoles to Tex-Mex food aficionados.

The company is offering the high-end game consoles as prizes to lucky customers of fast-food chain Taco Bell who buy a $5 Double Chalupa Box between Oct. 18, 2018 and Nov. 21, 2018, according to a Gamespot report.

The box will contain a code which customers can text to a number provided to find out if they have won, and Microsoft hopes to give away a game console approximately every ten minutes. Winners should receive their prize within 72 hours, according to the report.

It is also possible to win a branded Xbox One X console without buying any food by mailing a code request to Taco Bell, although this is limited to 32 requests per person.

The consoles awarded as prizes will carry the Taco Bell brand and play the restaurant's bell "ring" sound whenever the console is powered on to remind the owners where their Xbox came from. Winners will also receive a white Elite Wireless Controller, and three months of free Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold.

The Xbox One X iwas first released in November 2017. It features upgraded hardware compared to the earlier Xbox One X, and supports games rendered at 4K resolution.

Image: © Microsoft.