Samsung Hints at Under-Display Camera

Samsung Hints at Under-Display Camera
New screen technology may allow phones with cameras hidden behind the screens, rendering notches unnecessary.

(CCM) — Samsung has dropped its biggest hint yet that it is developing a world first: a smartphone camera that is located beneath the device's screen.
The company revealed its plans for 2019 at its annual OLED Forum in China, and highlighted four different sensors that it plans to put beneath the screen rather than in a bezel or in an iPhone X-style "notch," according to a Slashgear report.

The four sensors include a Fingerprint on Display device, a Haptic on Display device for gaming, and a Sound on Display capability which may be based on piezoelectric motors, using the screen surface to generate sound, according to the report.

But the most exciting prospect is the Under Panel Sensor, which is believed to refer to a camera sensor. This would work by making the screen area immediately in front of the camera sensor turn transparent when taking photographs. In any other circumstances the screen area would work normally.

Samsung already has the technology to control individual pixels on its Super AMOLED screens, and if it is successful in developing the ability to turn a specific screen area completely transparent then then this could revolutionize smartphone design and allow Samsung to gain a significant competitive advantage over smartphone rival Apple.

Apple was believed to be working on a Fingerprint on Display capability for its iPhone X, but ran in to difficulties with the technology and dropped it in favor of its FaceID facial recognition authentication system.

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