NYPD Recalls Exploding Body Camera

NYPD Recalls Exploding Body Camera
The NYPD has encountered a problem as it tries to equip all its officers with body cameras by the end of 2019.

(CCM) — The New York Police Department has ordered its officers to remove their body cameras after one worn by a night officer started to smoke and then exploded, according to a BBC report.

Following the incident the NYPD has withdrawn the Vievu LE-5 cameras from service out of "an abundance of caution," the report says. "The incident revealed a potential for the battery inside the camera to ignite. The cause and scope of the defect are currently being investigated," the NYPD said in the report. "The department is in the process of collecting and removing the LE-5 cameras from the commands now."

Vievu won a $6.4 million contract to provide the NYPD with its cameras in 2016 and has so far supplied 3,000 of the recalled devices. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio wants every one of its over 34,000 NYPDs officers to be equipped with a body camera within the next fourteen months.

The incident highlights the potential danger of modern batteries, and comes after Samsung was forced to recall and then abandon its Galaxy Note7 smartphone two years ago following a number of battery fires and explosions, costing the manufacturer at least $5 billion.

Image: © Vievu