Google Offers Free 4K Movie Upgrades

Google Offers Free 4K Movie Upgrades
The company will no longer charge extra for 4K content.

(CCM) — Google is offering movie buffs who have bought standard or HD titles from its Play store a valuable perk: they can now access the ultra high definition 4K versions of the same titles (if available) at no extra cost.

To upgrade to the 4K versions, users just need to go run the latest version of Google's Play Movies & TV app, according to an Engadget report. If any previously purchased titles are available in 4K then the user will be notified and able to upgrade to the 4K stream of the movie immediately.

In a related announcement, Google has also decided not to charge a premium for 4K movies any longer, according to the report. That means that 4K content will now cost the same as the HD version. Google's move may be in response to Apple, which abandoned premium pricing for 4K content in 2017.

Owners of some Samsung Smart TVs will also now be able to stream 4K movie titles using the Play Movies & TV app running on the television, and this functionality will be rolled out to some LG smart TVs in the near future as well.

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