SoundCloud Shares to Instagram Stories

SoundCloud Shares to Instagram Stories
Soundcloud is following Spotify in making it easy to share tunes on Instagram.

(CCM) — SoundCloud users can now get the ears of their fans by sharing their latest compositions directly to Instagram Stories, the company has revealed in a blog post.

Starting today, users simply choose a song in the SoundCloud app, tap the share icon at the bottom of the screen, and then either tap on the Instagram icon or "Share to Instagram Stories."

This will result in a link to the song in the form of a movable sticker bearing the name of the song (as well as the SoundCloud logo) being posted in Instagram Stories, with the album art as the background.

The new feature echoes one introduced by Spotify in May 2018, which also enables users to post links to songs directly in Instagram Stories. Instagram itself recently added the ability for users to add background music to their stories, with a choice of thousands of tracks by the likes of Bruno Mars and Maroon 5.

SoundCloud has announced a raft of other changes over the last few days, including: a partnership with Dubset, an audio distribution platform that distributes royalties; integrations with Traktor and Virtual DJ software; and the opening of its Premier monetization program to Pro and Pro Unlimited users.

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