World's First Bendable Phone Unveiled

World's First Bendable Phone Unveiled
A little-known U.S. company has won the race to show off the first folding smartphone.

(CCM) — A California-based company called Royole has beaten the likes of technology giants Samsung and Huawei to unveil the first smartphone with a foldable screen, the BBC is reporting.

The FlexPai handset has a single 7.8-inch screen when folded flat, making it resemble a moderate-sized tablet. But when folded it has three smaller screens: two rectangular screens on the front and back, and a long thing screen along the fold which can be used to display notifications. This flexibility adds weight, and at 320g the FlexPai weighs over 50% more than Apple's iPhone XS Max or Samsung's Galaxy Note9.

Various models will be made available, initially in China, priced between about $1,290 and $1,860 depending on the memory and storage configuration. The FlexPai will run Water OS, a version of Android, and the first units will be available in late December, according to the report.

LG was expected to be the first smartphone-maker to unveil a folding phone, so Royole's announcement has caused surprise in the industry. "Royole gets the bragging rights to being first, and it's quite astonishing that someone you've never heard of is doing this," Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at consultancy Creative Strategies, said in the BBC report.

Image: © Royole.