Twitter Makes One-Handed Tweeting Easier

Twitter Makes One-Handed Tweeting Easier
A new floating action button and new anti-spam features are the latest upgrades to the service.

(CCM) — Twitter has added an Android-style floating action button to its iOS app for users that tend to have their hands full.

"We’ve got a shiny, new compose button to unveil on Twitter for iOS!," the company tweeted. "Easier than ever to use, the floating icon is prominently displayed and perfect for one-handed scrolling and tweet composing."

Users can also press and hold the new floating icon to access drafts, photos, and the GIF gallery.

Twitter has also beefed up the way that users can report spam as part of its battle to help clean up the social network and fight abuse of the service. When reporting a tweet as spam, users are now shown a number of sub-choices, including: "The account tweeting this is fake"; "Includes a link to a potentially harmful, malicious, or phishing site"; "The hashtags included seem unrelated"; "Uses the reply function to spam"; and "It’s something else."

The company has also announced that it is testing a new button which will allow users to see the latest tweets first, rather than ones it thinks should be shown first based on the users' previous interactions.

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