Apple Plans No 5G iPhones Until 2020

Apple Plans No 5G iPhones Until 2020
Heat and battery life problems must be overcome before Apple is ready to launch 5G iPhones.

(CCM) — Apple is rarely first to market with new technology, and in the case of 5G technology it has no plans to introduce it in its iPhones until 2020, according to a Fast Company report.

By contrast, rivals such as Samsung are introduce 5G handsets sometime in 2019.

Apple has decided to use Intel's 8161 5G modem chip when it does introduce the technology. But the report says Apple has had problems with Intel's 5G modem chips in prototype models because they generate too much heat inside the handsets.

The likely reason is that many U.S. carriers will use millimeter-wave spectrum for 5G connections, but this spectrum requires some intensive processing which results in a large amount of heat being given off by the chip. Since this heat energy is all converted from energy stored in the battery, it also means that battery life is adversely affected.

But the report concludes that by targeting 2020 for the introduction of 5G technology Apple and Intel still have plenty of time to solve these problems. The move may be a shrewd one on Apple's part, because 5G networks are only expected to provide moderate levels of coverage for most of 2019.

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