YouTube Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

YouTube Is Coming To Nintendo Switch
A YouTube app could be the second of many streaming apps to arrive on Nintendo's Switch.

(CCM) — Nintendo's Switch game console is hugely popular, but it lacks one vital app: YouTube. But now it appears that the launch of a YouTube app for the platform is imminent, according to a Polygon report.

When the console launched in 2017 it came with no streaming capabilities at all, and since then the options have been restricted to Hulu in the U.S. and Niconico in Japan.

But now some users have reported seeing suggestions for a YouTube app when they search Nintendo's download site. Unfortunately the suggested apps presented to users by the site are random, so there is no easy way to verify the reports. Nintendo has not commented on the story.

A Switch YouTube app would give a huge boost to Nintendo's console, and it may also be a precursor to even more streaming options. Many users have been requesting a Netflix app, but the last word from Netflix in January was that the company was still "exploring the opportunity" and holding discussions with Netflix about an app.

YouTube hosts over five billion videos, and has almost two billion monthly active users. Nintendo has sold over 110 million Switch units around the world.

Image: © Nintendo.