Niantic Unveils Pokémon GO Successor

Niantic Unveils Pokémon GO Successor
Ingress Prime is deeper and more competitive than Pokémon GO but has much in common with it.

(CCM) — Niantic has revamped its Ingress augmented reality game to attract Pokémon GO players who are looking for a new challenge, according to a Business Insider report.

Ingress Prime is a completely updated version of the original Ingress game which was released by Niantic some three years before it unveiled its hit Pokémon GO game in 2016. It includes beefed-up graphics, better sound effects, and a brand new storyline.

It and Pokémon GO have many things in common: both involve moving around the real world and claiming places, and both share the same database of real world locations. "Everything that we put into Pokémon Go, everything we’re putting into [Niantic's forthcoming Harry Potter: Wizards Unite], came from insights we got from Ingress," John Hanke Niantic's chief executive, said in the report.

However, where Pokémon GO has Pokémon gyms and Pokéstops, Ingress Prime has Portals which users can claim or hack to access game resources such as Resonators and XMP Bursters.

The game also has far more depth than Pokémon GO and has more competitive aspects, according to the report. That should make it an appealing proposition for gamers who have had enough of Pokémon GO or have simply managed to "catch 'em all."

Image: © Niantic.