Opera Browser Blocks Cookie Dialog Boxes

Opera Browser Blocks Cookie Dialog Boxes
Many web users simply dismiss cookie dialog boxes, so Opera now automates this process.

(CCM) — Browser-maker Opera is offering Android users relief from the dialog boxes that pop up on many websites providing information about cookie usage, Engadget is reporting.

The latest version of Opera's Android browser has an option to block cookie dialog boxes from appearing on sites, which can be activated through the browser's ad-blocking settings. The cookie dialog boxes have become common since the implementation of the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into effect on 25 May 2018. However many consumers find them to be an annoyance and dismiss them without changing the default cookie settings.

The browser setting does not block cookies when enabled – it simply leaves the default cookie settings and dismisses the dialog box, mimicking the behavior of these users. It will not work with all dialog boxes, but the company says that it has tested the feature on 15,000 sites, according to the report.

The new Opera browser also has several other features up its sleeve: users with Android 7.1 or later can place shortcuts to websites on their home screen, and there is also a universal text size slider on top of the existing text wrap feature, the report adds.

Image: © GilC - Shutterstock.com