Google Tests Speed Trap Reporting

Google Tests Speed Trap Reporting
Users can tap a button to report car accidents and speed cameras to help other drivers.

(CCM) — Google is finally preparing to add some of the most useful features of its Waze navigation program to its flagship Maps app, Android Police is reporting.

The company is currently testing providing the ability for users to report either a crash or a speed trap by tapping a "report" button at the bottom of the screen. Reporting a crash may enable Google to reroute other users to avoid the crash scene more quickly, while reporting a speed trap could help other users to ensure that they drive within the legal speed limit.

Code connected to incident reports was first spotted in the app a few months ago, but now the reporting feature has been rolled out to a limited number of Google Maps users, according to the report. The feature only works during navigation mode at the moment, but could be extended more generally in the future. Google has not announced how long the testing is due to last or when it intends to make the reporting feature available to all Maps users.

Google purchased Waze in 2013 for $966 million and has continued to develop the app as a separate application to Google Maps. Waze encourage its users to report incidents, traffic conditions and even points of interest such as street fairs, protests and other local events, in return for points.

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