Android Now Supports Foldable Devices

Android Now Supports Foldable Devices
Google is preparing for a deluge of new Android smartphones with screens that unfold into a tablet format.

(CCM) — Google has announced that it is adding support for foldable devices into Android in a bid to prevent its mobile operating system to "fragment" into multiple incompatible versions.

Talking at the Android Developer Summit in California, Dave Burke, an engineering vice president at Google, said that the company is "enhancing Android to take advantage of this new form factor with as little work as necessary," according to a Verge report.

Initially these enhancements will simply comprise guidance for developers to help them use existing features with foldable devices. A particularly important Android feature that already exists is one called "screen continuity." This is normally used by apps to learn when the screen shape has changed from portrait to landscape mode, but it can also be used by devices with folding screens.

But Google plans to work closely with manufacturers such as Samsung to ensure that Android includes the features that foldable devices need to exploit the new format, according to the report.

Samsung has already offered a brief preview of is first foldable device: a tall thin phone which unfolds to become a more conventionally-shaped tablet.

But the company was beaten to the market with a foldable device by a little-known U.S. company called Royole, which showed of its FlexPai handset at the beginning of November.

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