Hairy Pikachu Appalls Pokémon Fans

Hairy Pikachu Appalls Pokémon Fans
A fully rendered Pikachu does not appear as cute as some Pokémon fans had imagined.

(CCM) — A preview for the forthcoming Pokémon Detective Pikachu movie featuring a furry yellow Pikachu has left some Pokémon fans apoplectic with rage. Some have dubbed the hairy creature "grotesque" and "disgusting," according to a BBC report.

The Pikachu character has always been described as furry, but in previous movies, cartoons, and illustrations it has always been shown simply as yellow, without any surface detail. The new movie is the first time that Pikachu has been rendered as a lifelike character, the report adds.

The new movie, which is due for release on May 10, 2019, mixes real actors with the rendered creatures in real world settings. The fact that Pikachu is furry should therefore not be surprising to fans because it is supposed to be an electric mouse, and in real life mice are furry.

The movie will feature Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds as the voice of Pikachu. It relates the story Detective Pikachu, a wise-cracking super-sleuth, as it investigates the disappearance of ace detective Harry Goodman in Ryme City, a huge metropolis inhabited by both humans and Pokémon.

Image: © Warner Bros.