Facebook Wages War on Apple

Facebook Wages War on Apple
Zuckerberg has banned his senior executives from using iPhones.

(CCM) — Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's chief executive, has launched an opening salvo in what are likely to be protracted hostilities against Apple by banning Facebook's top brass from using iPhones, according to a Fox News report.

Zuckerberg "ordered his management team to use only Android phones, since the operating system has far more users than Apple’s," a source is quoted as saying in the report.

The reason for the ban stems from events earlier this year in which Tim Cook, Apple's chief executive, annoyed Zuckerberg in a broadcast interview. Cook was critical of Facebook because it allowed 87 million users' data to be accessed by Cambridge Analytica, and when asked what he would do in that situation he replied: "I wouldn't be in that situation."

However, Twitter activity from a number of Facebook executives reveals that they are still using iPhones. This may be because the executives are ignoring Zuckerberg's order, or because they use different phones for personal and business use.

Android dominates the smartphone operating market globally, with an 85.1% market share in 2017, according to IDC research. By contrast iOS has a market share of just 14.7% globally.

In the U.S. Android's lead is less clear cut, with a 54% market share compared to iOS's 45%.

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