Instagram Adds Shopping Opportunities

Instagram Adds Shopping Opportunities
Consumers will be able to buy Amazon Echos and Google Homes at steep discounts on Black Friday.

(CCM) — Facebook is stepping up its Instagram monetization efforts with the introduction of three new shopping features on the service.

The first new feature is a "shopping collection," a personal shopping list that users can add to every time they see something they are interested in buying, according to an Engadget report. If a user sees a product for sale in their Stories or their Feed that they like, they can tap on its tag and the tap on a new Save icon that appears in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Users will also now be able to buy goods that appear in Feed videos, with shopping tags appearing at the bottom of brands' promotional videos, according to the report. (Previously businesses that wanted to sell on Instagram had to post videos as Stories).

Instagram has also redesigned its Shop tab for businesses, which now contains a list of every product that has been featured in a post, together with a link to the post, and the item's price.

The move comes just days after Snapchat launched a revenue drive with the introduction of a Bitmoji store selling personalized Bitmoji merchandizing.

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