Google Adds Chromecast to Speaker Groups

Google Adds Chromecast to Speaker Groups
Chromecasts can now play music and podcasts in sync with Google's Home smart speakers throughout the home.

(CCM) — Google Chromecast owners can now add their devices to smart speaker "groups," Engadget is reporting.

When Google Home smart speakers connected to the same network are placed into a group such as "downstairs" or "kitchen and living room," all the speakers in the group play the same music, playlist, podcast, or audiobook simultaneously. Groups can be set up in Google's Home app.

Chromecast digital media players can be connected to televisions to add "smart TV" features such as the ability to stream from Netflix, and when a Chromecast connected like this is added to a speaker group then the connected television will display song information on the screen along with a rotating selection of background images, according to the report. The audio content will be played through the television's speakers or a higher quality sound bar if one is connected.

All generations of Chromecast now support the new groups feature, and the functionality has been added today.

The move is just the start of Google's planned expansion of its group capabilities, and in the near future smart display devices such as Google's Home Hub and the LG Xboom WK9 will also be able to join smart speaker groups, the report adds.

Image: © Google.