iOS Users Can Make Siri Summon Assistant

iOS Users Can Make Siri Summon Assistant
Apple users can say 'Hey Siri, OK Google' to trigger Google's Assistant thanks to iOS 12's new Siri shortcuts.

(CCM) — Apple iPhone users can now summon Google's Assistant by voice using the "OK Google" prompt familiar to millions of Android users, The Verge is reporting.

Until now iPhone users had to start Google's Assistant app before they could use the Assistant, because Apple only allowed its own Siri intelligent assistant to be summon by voice, by saying "Hey Siri."

But the latest version of Assistant for iOS uses Siri shortcuts, a feature which was introduced in iOS 12. This allows users to define an activation phrase like "OK Google" (or something else, such as "summon Assistant") which will prompt Siri to start Google Assistant.

Once the shortcut has been set up, users can then trigger the Assistant by saying "Hey Siri, OK Google," or "Hey Siri, start Assistant." Users can also configure Siri shortcuts for commands that they commonly use with Siri, the report adds. For example, they can create custom voice commands for single smart home actions, or trigger Google Assistant smart home routines. So by saying "Hey Siri, Goodnight Google," the user could run their nighttime smart home routine which turns off all the lights and locks the front door.

Image: © Wikimedia.