Google Rolls Out AI Chat Agent

Google Rolls Out AI Chat Agent
Google's Duplex AI sounds uncannily like a real person when it tries to make a restaurant booking.

(CCM) — A select group of Google Pixel phone owners can now use the company's Duplex intelligent chat bot to make restaurant bookings over the phone on their behalf, according to a Venturebeat report.

The small group can use Duplex via the Google Assistant to reserve a table in restaurants in "select cities," according to the report. These cities are likely to include New York, Phoenix, and San Francisco, where Google has already been testing Duplex.

To make a booking with Duplex, users say something like "OK, Google, reserve a table in Manhattan." This results in a list of cuisine types such as Chinese or Indian. After selection a list of restaurants is presented, and once the user has chosen a restaurant Duplex will ask for details such as the number of people the reservation is for, and the time and date.

When it has all the information that it needs, Duplex calls the restaurant to try to make the reservation.

Earlier this year Google revealed that Duplex can successfully complete four out of five fully automated tasks, such as booking a table.

Attempts to book a table using Duplex on another Google device results in the response "I'm sorry, I can't make reservations… from this device yet." This suggests that after rolling out Duplex to all Pixel phones, Google may be planning to add the functionality to the Smart Display and its Google Home smart speakers.

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