Instagram Tests Big Profile Changes

Instagram Tests Big Profile Changes
Instagram users' follower counts will no longer be displayed so prominently on profile pages.

(CCM) — Facebook's Instagram is trying out changes to users' profile pages to place more emphasis on users themselves rather than their follower count.

The move may be a intended to combat fake followers, although officially Instagram says the changes are being trialed so users "can better express yourself and more easily connect with the people you care about on your profile," according to an Instagram blog post.

The most obvious change is that users' follower counts have been deliberately de-emphasized, presented in a much smaller type face, and no longer at the top of the profile page. Other features have also been re-arranged at the top of profiles, and there are changes to icons, buttons, and the way users navigate between tables.

Perhaps worried about provoking a Snapchat-style backlash to the changes, the blog takes pains to reassure users that "the photos and videos you’ve shared on your grid won’t change."

The final design does not appear to have been set in stone yet, and Instagram says that it will continue to test changes in phases and different combinations with different groups of users over the next few weeks.

The company reiterated its commitment to avoiding changes which upset its user base by adding: "We’ll continue to experiment and update the experience as we learn from your feedback."

Image: © Instagram.