Google Drops Search Results from Answers

Google Drops Search Results from Answers
Google will give answers to certain calculation, conversion, and date or time queries without searching the web.

(CCM) — Google's latest initiative does away with the process of searching for information in favor of answering some queries directly, according to a Search Engine Roundtable report.

Starting today, when a user searches specifically for the time or date, a conversion such as between two currencies, or a mathematical question, Google will simply supply the answer it believes to be correct. No search result snippets will also be displayed, and no advertisements will accompany the answer.

The company first tested this type of response for a week back in March, and now it has been introduced on a more permanent basis. "For queries where we have extremely high confidence that a user is seeking a calculation, unit conversion or local time, we will show a single result to improve load time on mobile," Google explained in the report, adding that "we will still provide the option to tap to see more results." This is achieved by offering a "Show all results" button.

For the moment this functionality is restricted to mobile devices only, and it is not known whether Google plans to roll it out to desktop users accessing Google via a browser in the future.

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