Fortnite Blasts Past 200 Million Users

Fortnite Blasts Past 200 Million Users
Epic Games' battle royale game has been referenced by players at soccer's World Cup finals in Russia.

(CCM) — Epic Games' hit battle royale shooter game Fortnite has smashed the 200 million barrier, with the company reporting that as of November 2018 it has in excess of that number of player registrations, according to an Engadget report.

The announcement shows that the popularity of Fortnite is still exploding. The 200 million figure is five times the number of registrations it had at the start of the year, and 60 per cent more than it had in June.

Some of the 200 million users may only have played the game once, but many play it on a frequent basis: earlier this month the company announced a new record of 8.3 million people playing Fortnite concurrently.

The game is so popular that it has become a cultural phenomenon, appearing in TV shows including the Big Bang Theory and Saturday Night Live, and its dances featuring in the celebrations of World Cup soccer players.

One reason for the rapid expansion of its user base is that the game can now be played on a range of mobile devices including Apple's iOS products, Nintendo's Switch, and on a vast number of Android devices (albeit in beta form).

Epic Games has also invested heavily in the game, pouring over $100 million into Fortnite esports tournaments, according to the report.

Image: © Epic Games.