Instagram Launches Close Friends Sharing

Instagram Launches Close Friends Sharing
Instagram users can now share Stories with a select group of their best friends only.

(CCM) — Instagram has introduced a new feature called "close friends" which lets users share their more personal moments with an inner circle of people.

"Close friends" is currently limited to Stories and is accessible once a user opens their Stories camera and takes a photo or video, according to a Verge report. From there a new green circle with a white star in it is visible, and tapping that brings up a close friends list where the user can add friends to their inner circle, the report says.

In tests of the feature, users typically added about 25 people to their close friends list, an Instagram spokesman said in the report.

Once a close friends list has been compiled, users can share with people on the list exclusively by tapping on the green circle whenever they take a Stories photo or video. Friends on the list will see the Story in the tray at the top of the feed with a green ring around it to tell them that the Story has not been shared more widely.

Instagram says that friends will not be notified when they are added or removed from the close friends list, to avoid awkward social moments.

The "close friends" feature is likely a response to the growing phenomenon of "Finstagrams," which are secondary accounts which some users open and only allow their closest friends to follow.

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