Nintendo Opens YouTube Floodgates

Nintendo Opens YouTube Floodgates
The company is dropping many of its restrictions on publishing gameplay videos online.

(CCM) — Nintendo fans can expect to be deluged with Super Smash Bros Ultimate gameplay videos on YouTube following the announcement that Nintendo has dropped its restrictions on sharing gameplay footage.

Unlike Microsoft and Sony, Nintendo often filed copyright claims against people who shared gameplay videos on YouTube and other sites like Twitch, and when it did permit the videos it insisted on taking a proportion of any advertising revenue generated.

Now the company says that even though it owns the copyright to gameplay footage and screenshots, it will allow gameplay footage as long as some extra creative input or commentary is included. Gameplay videos publishes without added commentary or creative input will still be restricted, with the exception of short snippets captured using the tools provided on Nintendo's Switch console.

Video-makers will also be allowed to keep any advertising revenue their videos generate from schemes such as YouTube's Partner Program and Twitch's Partner Program.

The rule change will be welcomed by Nintendo fans who have until now been starved of gameplay videos. It will also give Nintendo a competitive boost by helping to ensure that coverage of Super Smash Bros Ultimate and other games on video sharing sites is at a similar level to games played on Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PlayStation 4.

Image: © Nintendo.