Smart Earbud Market To Explode in 2019

Smart Earbud Market To Explode in 2019
Google and Amazon will enter the market next year as Apple adds health sensing to its AirPod wireless earbuds.

(CCM) — Apple's AirPods will see "dramatic growth" in the next two years, while Google and Amazon will try to grab a share of the smart earbud market by debuting competing offerings of their own, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo in a Macrumors report.

AirPods are currently Apple's most successful product, and the company is expected to release an upgraded model early next year. Kuo believes that Apple will focus its energy on the product category because buyers are less likely to switch from the Apple ecosystem to Android, and because their adoption will increase the use of the company's Siri intelligent assistant.

Kuo also points out in the report that "the ear is a perfect sensing area for detecting various health data. It may integrate (AirPods) with the Apple Watch to offer better health management in the future."

Apple has recently been awarded a patent which shows in-ear devices carrying out heart rate monitoring and taking body temperature measurements, the report adds.

The opportunities presented by this market are too tempting for competitors to resist, Kuo says. "We believe that AirPods' success has drawn Google and Amazon's attention and these two companies will launch AirPod-alike products in 2H19," he said. "The combined shipments of two brands will likely reach 10–20 million units in 2H19."

He added that Google and Amazon are Apple's main competitors because Google is the most influential brand in the Android ecosystem and Amazon has "the best voice assistant service."

Image: © Apple.