Huawei CFO Arrested in Canada

Huawei CFO Arrested in Canada
The U.S. and other countries have banned the use of Huawei's equipment due to security concerns.

(CCM) — Meng Wanzhou, the daughter of the founder of Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei, has been arrested in Canada and faces extradition to the U.S., according to a BBC report.

Wanzhou, who is the deputy chairwoman and chief financial officer of Huawei, was arrested while changing planes Vancouver. The U.S. is believed to be investigating possible sanction violations in relation to supplying equipment to Iran, the report says.

The use of Huawei's equipment in vital national infrastructure such as telephone networks has become controversial because of fears that it may make the infrastructure vulnerable to spying or cyberattacks launched by the Chinese government.

Huawei denies that this is the case, but the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand have all banned the company's equipment in new 5G wireless networks.
While the U.K. has not imposed a blanket ban on Huawei's equipment, UK telecom network operator BT announced this week that it would not be using Huawei equipment in its "core" 5G infrastructure.

As well as manufacturing and selling telecoms infrastructure equipment, Huawei is a huge manufacturer of smartphones, including the flagship Mate 20.

Earlier this year the company wrestled the number two spot in the global smartphone market from Apple, according to sales figures compiled by research house Gartner. The Chinese smartphone maker sold almost 50 million handsets during the three months to June 30, 2018, compared to Apple's 44.7 million iPhones.

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