Chrome Extensions Will Work with Edge

Chrome Extensions Will Work with Edge
Windows 10 users will not have to download Chrome to take advantage of its huge array of extensions.

(CCM) — Microsoft Edge browser users will be able to benefit from the huge range of extensions which are already available for Google's Chrome, according to Kyle Alden, Microsoft's Edge project manager. This will happen once Microsoft switches Edge to the Chromium open source project's web rendering engine which is also used by Chrome, he said in a Reddit comment.

One of the key reasons for the failure of the Edge browser in its current incarnation is the extremely limited selection of extensions which are available for it. Extensions bring extra features such as ad blocking and password management to browsers, but few developers bother to develop their extensions for Edge because it has such as small market share.

The situation is analogous to the problem Microsoft had in getting consumers to adopt its Windows Mobile operating system: few developers bothered writing apps for the operating system because it had such poor adoption.

By adopting Chromium technology in its Edge browser instead of its own web rendering system, Edge users will get access to large numbers of extensions at a stroke. This may well sway many internet users to stick with the Edge browser that comes with their computer system instead of using it only to download an alternative browser such as Chrome of Mozilla's Firefox.

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