New Bug Find Hastens Google+'s Demise

New Bug Find Hastens Google+'s Demise
Google has decided to close down its social network in April because of security problems.

(CCM) — Google has announced that it is to bring forward the execution date of its failed Google+ social network after discovering yet another security bug in the service.

A bug which was introduced in a November software update to Google+ resulted in app developers being able to access profile information which was not meant to be made publicly available belonging to over 52 million people, the company admitted in a blog post. App developers could have accessed this data during a period of six days before the bug was fixed, it said.

The bug discovery apparently made Google rethink its plans for the social network, and the company has announced that the consumer service will now be "sunsetted" in April 2019. Previously Google had said that it would be allowed to continue until August 2019.

The bug was the second to have been discovered in the last few months. Google revealed in October that it has "discovered and immediately patched" a security bug in March 2018 which allowed developers to access private data such as email addresses, ages, and occupations. That bug only affected about half a million accounts, however.

Google said that in both cases it had not found any evidence that developers had actually misused information they had access to, or that they were even aware that they had this accidental access.

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