Instagram Launches Press-to-Talk Service

Instagram Launches Press-to-Talk Service
Instagram Direct users can now send voice recordings to other users of the iOS and Android app.

(CCM) — Instagram has begun rolling out a new walkie-talkie feature for its Direct message service, Techcrunch is reporting.

The new feature works by pressing and holding the microphone button in the iOS and Android apps, enabling the user to record a voice message up to one minute long. The message is sent as soon as the button is released, or the user can slide their finger to the trash icon to delete it without sending it.

Recordings are sent by the chat service and arrive as a blue elongated oval containing a stylized wave form, along with an indication of the length of the message in seconds. Recipients tap the oval to listen to the message as many times as they wish.

The feature could prove popular with people who are driving or are otherwise unable to type messages on a keypad, in countries without Instagram language support or with languages which are awkward to type on a keypad, or in developing countries as an alternative to expensive audio or video calls, the report suggests.

The introduction of the new feature is a case of catch-up for Instagram. Parent company Facebook has long offered voice messaging in Messenger, and voice messaging is also popular in rival messaging platforms such as WeChat and WhatsApp.

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