Chinese Spy Chip Search Draws Blank

Chinese Spy Chip Search Draws Blank
An outside investigator has been unable to find any Chinese spy chips on Super Micro motherboards.

(CCM) — An independent investigation into claims that the Chinese government placed spy chips on motherboards supplied to Apple and Amazon has failed to find anything suspicious, according to a Reuters report.

In October, an article on Bloomberg reported that equipment made in China for California-based Super Micro had been tampered with by Chinese spies to include tiny chips which allowed the Chinese government to intercept data.

Super Micro hired a specialist firm called Nardello and Co., which scrutinized samples of motherboards that were sold to Apple and Amazon as well as ones which are in production currently.

It found no evidence of any malicious hardware in the current or older-model motherboards, according to the report. It was also unable to find any unauthorized components or signals being sent out in any software or design files used by Super Micro.

Both Apple and Amazon say that they have no knowledge of any hardware attacks that have been carried out as a result of their use of Super Micro hardware, the report adds.

Super Micro is reviewing its legal options following the publication of the Bloomberg report which prompted Nardello's investigations.

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