Google Lens AI Image Search Comes to iOS

Google Lens AI Image Search Comes to iOS
Apple device users can now analyze objects using Google's AI without photographing them first.

(CCM) — Google has finally unleashed the full power of its AI-assisted Google Lens image search and recognition system on iOS-powered devices, The Verge is reporting.

Google Lens was released on Android back in March, but until now iOS users could only access it through the Google Photos app, and they could only use it to analyze pictures that were already in their camera roll rather than anything that the camera is pointed at.

Now Apple device owners can tap the Google Lens icon in the Search bar of the main Google search app to the left of the microphone and aim the device's camera at anything. Google Lens will analyze the image in the view finder and attempt to identify the object, plant, or animal, or understand the text. For example, pointing the camera at a dog might result in Google Lens identifying the breed as a Golden Retriever. It then offers search results for Golden Retriever.

Google has begun to roll out the Lens functionality into the Google app this week, but it is not clear how long it will take before it is available globally. But the fact that the rollout has begun is another indication that the company intends to continue narrowing the gap between Android and Apple's rival iOS operating system when it comes to the availability of its products and services.

Image: © Google.