Taylor Swift Tracks Stalkers with AI

Taylor Swift Tracks Stalkers with AI
Hidden cameras were used at the Rose Bowl to try to spot any of Swift's known stalkers.

(CCM) — Taylor Swift's recent California Rose Bowl concert in May was highly unusual in that a facial recognition system was used to detect if any of Swift's hundreds of stalkers were lurking amongst the thousands of concert-goers.

The facial recognition system was hidden in a kiosk which displayed highlights of Swift's rehearsals, according to a Verge report, and when onlookers watched the screen their face was scanned. The scan data was then sent to a "command post" in Nashville, where it was checked to see if any of the faces where those of known stalkers, the report said.

This type of surveillance is perfectly legal, because a concert is technically a private event. But no other U.S. artist is known to have used facial recognition technology in this fashion.

In China, however, this type of application of the technology is more commonplace. In April 2018, for example, a man hiding in a crowd of 60,000 people at Nanchang International Sports Center was spotted and arrested thanks to the country's "Xue Liang" or "Sharp Eyes" monitoring system.

In the U.S., Ticketmaster is investigating using facial scans instead of paper tickets to allow people entry to big events, the report says.

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