$100,000 Offered to Stop Smartphone Use

 $100,000 Offered to Stop Smartphone Use
One lucky contestant stands to win $100,000 if they can do without a smartphone or tablet for twelve months.

(CCM) — Vitaminwater, a mineral water company owned by Coca-Cola, is offering a $100,000 prize to someone who can stop using a smartphone for one year, CNBC is reporting.

Anyone can apply to win the prize by posting on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #nophoneforayear and #contest by Jan. 8, 2019, describing what they would do without a smartphone for year. Shortly after the deadline the company will pick a single contestant, who will be issued with a 1996-era cellphone.

From then on that person will not be allowed to use any smartphone or tablet belonging to anyone, although they will be permitted to use laptop and desktop computers and smart devices like a Google Home or Amazon Echo. If they can continue for a full year without accessing a smartphone or tablet then they will win the full $100,000 prize.

A consolation prize of $10,000 will also be awarded if the contestant fails to go the full 12 months, but can last six months.

To verify that the contestant has not cheated at any point in the twelve month period, they must also agree to being subjected to a lie-detector test before the cash is awarded, according to the report.

Image: © iStock.