Fitbit Smartwatch OS 3.0 Lands

Fitbit Smartwatch OS 3.0 Lands
Fitbit smartwatches now support popular fitness apps such as Couch to 5K.

(CCM) — Fitbit has finally launched version 3.0 of the operating system which powers its Fitbit Ionic, Fitbit Ionic: Adidas edition, and Fitbit Versa smartwatches, the company has announced.

The new operating system lets users see more at-a-glance information, including sleep and exercise data, and adds quick logging for weight and water intake, the company says.

It also adds ten third-party health, fitness, and smart home apps including Achu Health — which predicts potential illnesses based on measured temperature changes that are unrelated to exercise — and Couch to 5K – a popular app which encourages "couch potatoes" to work their way up to a five kilometer run.

More third-party apps will be supported next year, including TRX, FitBark, and Mindbody, the company says.

But perhaps the most significant change is the introduction of a new Fitbit Exercise API and open-source developer tools which will enable third-party developers to build new health and fitness apps and clock faces for Fitbit's smartwatches much more quickly and efficiently.

Fitbit will be hoping that the new API is enough to spur a significant number of developers to build new apps for the operating system. If this happens it will make Fitbit's products much more attractive to consumers in the face of stiff competition in the health tracker space from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Image: © Fitbit.