Google Assistant Predicts Flight Delays

Google Assistant Predicts Flight Delays
Smartphone users can ask Google Assistant whether their flight is likely to be running on time.

(CCM) — Travelers will soon be able to ask Google Assistant to predict whether their flight will be delayed, before any official announcement from the airline, The Verge is reporting.

Asking the Assistant a question like, "OK Google, is my flight on time?" or "OK Google, what is the status of the British Airways flight from New York to London?" will yield a prediction from Google Flights, and where possible a probable reason for the delay, such as an incoming flight arriving late, the report says.

Google generates its predictions by analyzing historical flight data and using machine learning algorithms to look for common patterns in late departures such as bad weather or specific locations. It says that they are accurate 85% of the time. While this may be useful to get an idea of what to expect, their imprecision means that few travelers are likely to rely on Google's predictions and turn up late for a flight because Assistant says that it is likely to be delayed.

The prediction system is different from other services which provide flight delay notifications after they have been announced by the airlines, and which are also available from websites such as FlightAware.

Image: © Google.