Apple Notifications May Violate Rules

Apple Notifications May Violate Rules
Apple's push notification campaign of promotions and product offers may violate its own App Store guidelines.

(CCM) — The latest instance of Apple's new–found obsession with sending push notifications to users is a notification from Apple Music telling users that the streaming service is now supported on Amazon Echo devices, according to a 9To5Mac report.

The notifications may violate Apple's App Store guidelines, the report points out, because they state that push notifications cannot be used for advertising, promotions, or direct marketing purposes.

Ironically, Apple touts Apple Music as having "zero ads," but many people will construe the push notification as an ad—albeit to existing users of the service. It is not clear if it is targeted only at Apple Music subscribers who have the Alexa app installed on their iOS device or simply at all subscribers to the streaming service.

Support for Apple Music on Amazon-branded Echo devices began at the beginning of the week, and it is also expected to be rolled out to other smart Alexa-enabled smart speakers such as the Sonos One in the very near future. Echo devices already support a number of streaming services including Amazon Music, Spotify, and TuneIn.

In recent weeks Apple has sent out push notifications containing iPhone XR promotions, HomePod smart speaker promotions, and even ads for episodes of Carpool Karaoke.

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