Fortnite is Earning Hackers Thousands

Fortnite is Earning Hackers Thousands
Hackers as young as 14 are stealing Fortnite accounts and reselling them for as little as 32 cents.

(CCM) — Hackers, including children, are making thousands of dollars a week by taking over Fortnite accounts and selling them to other players, according to a BBC report.

A global Fortnite hacking network has sprung up to steal the accounts of players who have bought "skins" and other add-ons including dances for their characters. These are then sold for anything from a few tens of cents to hundreds of dollars, the report says.

Although Fortnite is free to play, Epic Games, the company behind it, has made more than $1 billion through the sale of character add-ons which change their appearance but do not give them extra abilities within the game.

One hacker told the BBC that he had managed to access more than 1,000 accounts of varying resale values in the first day of trying. "It's a lucky dip basically, you either get a good account or you don't. People like the rarity of the 'skins' and it's about the look of them and showing off to friends."

Another told the BBC that he had made over $20,000 in just seven months from selling stolen accounts.

Fortnite players can protect their accounts against most hackers by activating "two-factor authentication" on them. This requires players to enter a code generated by an authenticator app or emailed to them when they log in to their Fortnite account from a new device.

Image: © Epic Games.