Google Assistant Comes to Samsung TVs

Google Assistant Comes to Samsung TVs
Samsung may be planning to ditch Bixby from its consumer appliance range.

(CCM) — Samsung appears to be losing confidence in its Bixby intelligent assistant and plans to add Google Assistant to its 2019 televisions, according to a Verge report.

Many 2018 Samsung TVs include Bixby, but its capabilities lag far behind those of Google Assistant and Amazon's Alexa. It is not yet known how much TV functionality Assistant will be allowed to control, but it is likely to be similar to that which is available on LG TVs, which support both Google Assistant and Alexa.

This includes changing the volume or source on the TV by voice command, and also controlling other Google Assistant compatible devices such as lighting and heating, or asking for information such as a weather forecast. LG's range of Assistant-equipped TVs including microphones to receive voice input directly , and can also be paired with a separate smart speaker such as a Google Home device.

Bixby has failed to take off in the market in any significant way beyond Samsung's smartphone devices, and a Bixby smart speaker which was announced in August 2018 has so far failed to materialize. The intelligent assistant also lacks support for third-party "skills" which allow it to work with other smart home devices.

Image: © Samsung.