Fake Echo App Was #6 in App Store List

Fake Echo App Was #6 in App Store List
A startling security lapse means that many new Echo owners have been tricked into downloading a fake setup app.

(CCM) — Apple claims to take security very seriously and says that all apps are vetted thoroughly before they can be listed in its App Store. Yet a fake Amazon Echo setup utility appeared in the App Store over the Christmas period and made it to number 6 in Apple's Utilities chart.

Setup for Amazon Alexa received thousands of reviews, many of the five stars, despite the fact that the app does not appear to do anything useful, according to a report on BGR.

The description of the app on the App Store page read: "We teach you how to correctly setup your device, and give you essential commands! Features: Correctly setup the device. Take control of the device, with different unique commands, found only on this app."

Instead it seems that the developer, One World Software, simply attempted to keep users busy for as long as possible by asking for information such as the device's IP address and serial number so that ads could be displayed to them, according to the report.

The app was finally removed from the App Store on 28 Dec, 2018.

One World Software still offers other apps such as "Buy\Sell" and "Any Font for Instagram" in the App Store.

Image: © Amazon.