Fuchsia OS To Run Android Apps

Fuchsia OS To Run Android Apps
Google appears keen to avoid the app unavailability problem that dogged Windows Phone.

(CCM) — Google's forthcoming Fuchsia universal operating system for PCs, smartphones, and tablets will be able to run Android apps when it is finally released, according to an Engadget report.

Fuchsia OS has been under development for well over two years, but unlike Google's Android (or its Chrome OS) it is not based on the Linux kernel. This had led many commentators to conclude that it would not be able to take advantage of the vast number of Android apps in existence.

But a file found in the Android project website mentions an Android Runtime for Fuchsia which will be able to run Android apps from within Fuchsia, according to the report.

Adding Android compatibility to Fuchsia appears to be a smart move by Google, because it will avoid the problem of not having key apps available on the new operating system that consumers are used to running.

Lack of app availability was one of the key reasons that Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system failed to make an impact in the market and ultimately had to be abandoned by the company.

Google's intentions for Fuchsia are not yet known, but it may plan to use it as a universal operating system which will eventually replace Android, Chrome OS, and variants of Android such as Wear OS.

Image: © Bloomua - Shutterstock.com