Jabra Headphones Challenge Bose and Sony

Jabra Headphones Challenge Bose and Sony
The company's new headphones can run with noise canceling for 32 hours on a single charge.

(CCM) — Jabra has unveiled new high-end noise-canceling headphones at CES 2019 in Las Vegas which pose a serious challenge to the dominance of Bose and Sony.

The Elite 85h headphones use what Jabra calls SmartSound technology to adjust the sound reproduction and canceling settings based on what is going on around the user, according to a Verge report. For example, if someone wearing the headphones moves from a noisy subway carriage to a peaceful street, the headphones may turn down the volume or reduce noise cancelling so that the wearer can hear comfortably while still detecting important outside sounds such as traffic.

The headphones come with three "audio profiles" out of the box: Commute, In Public, and In Private. The volume level, noise cancellation, and equalizer settings for each of these profiles can be customized using the Jabra companion app, and the company says in future the cues which trigger each profile may also be customizable.

The Elite 85h headphones are equipped with eight microphones: two for noise cancellation, two to enable SmartSound, and four for making calls and for summoning an intelligent assistant. Three different intelligent assistants are available and can be summoned with wake words. All users can summon Alexa, while Siri is available to iPhone users and Google Assistant to users of Android phones.

The headphones will be released in April 2019, priced at $299 and available in black, beige, and navy.

Image: © Jabra.