Lexar Smashes SD Card Storage Record

Lexar Smashes SD Card Storage Record
Videographers will be able to film up to four minutes of compressed 8K footage on a single card.

(CCM) — Chinese flash storage maker Lexar has unveiled the world's first standard-sized SDXC memory card with a capacity of 1 TB at CES in Las Vegas, Techspot is reporting.

Cramming this amount of storage on a single SD card does not come cheap: the Lexar Professional 633x 1 TB card is available for about $400, which is $100 more than the cost of buying two comparable 512 GB cards.

But the high capacity card will likely find demand from photographers who take large numbers of pictures in RAW format, as well as people who record 4K or 8K video footage. 1 TB is sufficient to record around 4 minutes of uncompressed footage at 8K.

Lexar's new card's specs claim that the card is capable of 95 MB/s read speeds and 70 MB/s write speeds, although the report suggests that sustained performance of closer to 30 MB/s may be closer to the truth in practice.

SanDisk showed off a prototype 1 TB SDXC card three years ago, but never produced a commercial offering. However the company has just revealed a prototype 4 TB USB Type-C memory stick at CES, although no date has been set for a commercial release.

Image: © Mr.Bannasak Krodkaw – 123RF.com