YouTube to Roll Out Mobile Video Swiping

YouTube to Roll Out Mobile Video Swiping
YouTube will introduce a swiping option for recommended videos on mobile.

(CCM) — YouTube is rolling out a new way to browse videos on mobile, with a new swiping capability for recommended videos.

Once the queue has been launched, users can swipe left or right to browse the videos in the list. Swiping forward allows them to view the next recommended video, and swiping backward allows them to resume the previous one in the list. When a user swipes backward, the previous video will even continue where they left off.

The new feature works in both portrait and landscape mode.

This new feature could make it easier for smaller content creators to reach new audiences, as users are more likely to be exposed to their videos once they are featured in the swipeable recommended videos list. It could also lead to a sort of "Instagram effect," where users spend more time on the platform without realizing it since the swiping gesture is such a natural one.

For now, it is only available for iOS, and the update is being introduced on a rolling basis starting this week. YouTube has not specified when the feature would become available on YouTube for Android.

Image: © YouTube.