773M Email Addresses Leaked in Massive Breach

773M Email Addresses Leaked in Massive Breach
A massive security breach has led to over 773 million unique email addresses being leaked out.

(CCM) — According to leading security researcher Troy Hunt, over 773 million unique email addresses and 21 million unique passwords have been leaked out. The leak, which Hunt has begun referring to as “Collection #1,” is quite possibly the largest Internet data leak, just behind Yahoo’s enormous breach in 2013, which affected roughly 3 billion accounts.

Hunt discovered the breach after multiple people reached out to him about a collection of 12,000 files, totaling in at 87 GB, as well as 2.7 billion records, all hosted on MEGA. Hunt assures, however, that no sensitive information, including financial details, was included in the files. While the information has been removed from the hosting platform, the data lives on on a popular, unnamed hacking forum.

Hunt has integrated the database of leaked emails into the website Have I Been Pwned. This allows curious users to enter their email addresses in the dialog dox provided to check if they have been affected by the breach. Users can also use the website to perform a password search, allowing them to see if any of the data breaches involve the password entered.

Users who have been affected by the breach in any way are encouraged to take steps to secure their accounts, including changing their passwords and using a high-security password manager.

Image: © Canbedone- Shutterstock.com