Dark Mode Rolls Out to Google Assistant

Dark Mode Rolls Out to Google Assistant
The Google Assistant will join the ranks of Google apps and services that have integrated dark mode.

(CCM) — Google Assistant is the latest software in Google's app lineup to receive a dark mode makeover. According to a report by 9to5Google, the update is visible in the latest beta 9.5 rollout, which was made available on Monday night.

The version featured cards with black backgrounds and white text. This design has already been criticized by some, who point out the fact that the stark contrast between black background and white text defeats the anti-fatigue goal of dark mode. They have also criticized the choppy transitions from normal mode to dark mode.

In the update, dark mode is activated when a user has their battery saver enabled or when they have "Night mode" set to "Always on." It is applied throughout Google Assistant results, from weather to flights to search queries. The "Coming up for you" and "Keep track of things" screens are also adapted with the feature.

Image: © Wikimedia.