Chrome Instant Tethering Support Grows

Chrome Instant Tethering Support Grows
Chromebook users can now enjoy 'always on' connectivity without having to use a Google smartphone.

(CCM) — Google has relaxed its restrictions on Chrome OS's "Instant Tethering" feature, making Chromebooks far more convenient for large numbers of users.

"Instant Tethering" allows Chromebooks to connect to the internet automatically using a smartphone hotspot, effectively allowing them to stay online permanently. But until now the automatic connection only worked if the Chromebook user had a Google Nexus or Pixel phone.

But now Google is allowing the feature to work with some non-Google smartphones in the beta and developer versions of Chrome OS, according to an Engadget report. These include some models of smartphones made by Samsung and OnePlus, the report says.

Users also need to be running at least Android 7.1 on the smartphone, and subscribe to a data plan with tethering support and the same Google account on both devices. The report adds that some users will need to enable a flag (chrome://flags/#instant-tethering) before the feature will work with third-party smartphones.

Since this enhanced "Instant Tethering" availability has been added to the beta and developer versions of Chrome OS, it is highly likely that it will be added to a stable release at some point in the near future. It is also likely that it will be available to users of other smartphone brands in addition to OnePlus and Samsung.

Image: © Google.