Apple Games Subscription Coming Soon

Apple Games Subscription Coming Soon
Apple device owners may soon be able to play a huge selection of games for a single monthly fee.

(CCM) — Apple is planning to offer customers a games subscription service, providing subscribers with unlimited access to a selection of titles, according to a Cheddar report.

The service would function "like Netflix for games," the report said. The motivation for such a service is to maintain revenue growth in the face of stalling hardware sales but booming game and esports markets. The mobile game market alone is expected to be worth $100 billion by 2021, according to research mentioned in the report.

The games subscription would complement Apple's music subscription service and its planned video streaming and news services, but it is not yet clear which games might be included in the subscription or how much the company plans to charge for it.

Apple has also reportedly been involved in discussions with developers about taking on the role of publisher, according to the report. This would enable the company to increase revenues while assuming control of distribution, marketing, and pricing.

Shares in video-game retailer GameStop dropped by almost 6% when news of the game subscription service surfaced, although the shares later recovered, recouping more than half of their losses.

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